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Dear FFA Members and Supporters,


    Welcome new and current members to the 2022-2023 school year. I am so excited to start the year and encourage everyone to consider participating in  the activities the officer team has planned for this year. I hope everyone discovers something new about themselves whether that be a new contest you enjoy doing, or a new leadership skill you didn’t know you had. Our goal at the Louise FFA is develop every member’s leadership skills through agriculture experiences and speaking opportunities. This will help create the future leaders of our community. Also the officer team will be there whenever you need something. If you have a question over scheduling, contests, or knowledge about our FFA we are the people to go to. Our officer team will always be kind, courteous, and fair in the game of life. 


   Again on behalf of the officer team we are so excited to see all new and existing members thrive throughout all corners of our great organization. I hope every new and current member gets to experience all the great things I have experienced, and that you get to gain unique leadership skills that will help you succeed.


Hayden Jones

Louise FFA President

2022 - 2023


** Be sure to check the AET and Louise I.S.D. calendars for all upcoming events.**
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